Class 4/7/16 Evaluation Ideas

Pick a topic and draw a conclusion from all the research conducted. (Thesis & claims) MARTA evaluating the maintenance of the MARTA train stations. how they appear on the outside versus the inside. why users allow poor accommodations.( comparison to Uber’s...

!Point Thermometer! 2/22/16

64 Days To Go   Goal Options A-/A: major projects complete + 2,340-2,600 points B-/B/B+: major projects complete + 2,080-2,339 points C/C+: major projects complete + 1,475-2,079 points

AB: South Dakota Ban on Transgender Students

( ( Holly Yan, a reporter/writer/editor for CNN Digital, wrote the article titled “South Dakota Could be First State to Ban Transgender Students in Some Restrooms” focusing on a bill South...