Guide for Giving Feedback on Reading Summaries

Consider the following questions, but think of others as well…

**What does the summary do very well?

**Does the summary account for the thesis of the text?

**Does it leave out anything major? Suggestions?

**Is the summary clear? Could it be clearer? Suggestions?

**Does the summary employ enough language from the original text? Too much?

**Is the summary attractive as a blog post? (Images? Space?)

**Any other suggestions?

Guide for giving feedback on Annotated Bibliographies

  1. Is the MLA citation information present? Accurate?

  2. To what extent does the AB provide answers to the following questions? And what specific suggestions can you give for improving the presentation of the answers?:

    1. Who is the author and what are her qualifications?

    2. What is the name of the piece?

    3. What kind of evidence does the work provide to support its claims? (Naming types of evidence differs from providing examples of evidence.)

    4. What is the author’s purpose? What does he want to have happen in the world because of this text?

    5. Who is the author’s intended audience? (Who likely reads the publication featuring the text?)

  3. Does the AB provide an assessment regarding the usefulness of the source in terms of our discussions about the built environment? To what extent? How could the author expand this discussion or focus it?