Rhetoric of our Web Sites: Guidelines

Photo via Flickr: Dean Shareski (creative commons)

Photo via Flickr: Dean Shareski (creative commons)

The Rhetorical Situation

Who are we? Researchers, part of a research team

Our purpose? To compose convincing analyses of the built environment of Atlanta

First, we gather evidence via primary and secondary research.

What do we value in a useful website from members of our research team?


A scholarly tone helps establish credibility.

Citations and bibliographic information present when possible and correctly composed.

Quotations and paraphrases embedded in posts.

SPECIFICITY: Detailed communication of the where/when/who/what of a post. What is its relevance to the research team? Usefulness? These can be communicated in titles, tags, and categories.


Relevant and appropriate to the built environment of Atlanta

Cited and labeled

Links to potentially relevant/important information

Positioned spatially in the post to break up text and to encourage interest


Posts are easily find-able

The site as a whole is easy to navigate

The visual aspect of the site itself is conducive to reading and exploring (font size and family, background images/audio, color schemes, etc.)

What other aspects of the site should we value as members of a research team?