Built Environment Analysis Outline

T.  The incidental nature of Atlanta’s founding, 20th-century influence of automotive manufacturers, and racially-motivated transportation policy have combined to create the city’s transportation crisis.   I.  Atlanta evolves around rail transit hub...

Digital Record 5: Dragoncon Badges

In order to enter any of the host hotels or the America’s Mart, a convention badge is required.  Memberships may be purchased online through the Dragon Con web store, and badges are picked up the opening Thursday of the event.  

Digital Record 4: Dragoncon Mobile App

The Dragon Con mobile app puts presenters, events, scheduling, and maps in the palm of your hand.  The current year’s version is generally released about six weeks prior to the convention, and can be downloaded through the website or Google Play.  Here is a...

Digital Record 3: Map of Hyatt Regency

From the “Where to Go” tab on the Dragon Con home page, one may access maps, driving directions, links to Atlanta attractions, and even floor plans of the host hotels in pdf form.  Here we see an overview of all levels of the Hyatt Regency hotel.  

Digital Record 2: Dragoncon Presenters Page

Screen capture of the “Who to See” tab from the Dragon Con main page.  Here may be found information on all presenters, performers, vendors, artists, and special guests attending this year’s event.  This section is constantly updated, as many guests...