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In conclusion, there are many ways to fix this problem, and this is a problem that we as a society need to fix for our fellow human beings.

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Woodruff’s Problem The Homeless Problem of Woodruff The Homeless Plaguing Woodruff The Plight of The Homeless: The Blight of Atlanta’s Parks Woodruff’s Unending Homeless Atlanta’s Darkest Days The Darkest Days of Atlanta’s Parks


I haven’t really changed much since I was happy with the layout of papers and their writings. I decided to change something which I’d be neglecting, which was tagging things and categorizing them. Most things have a category or will soon be updated to fit...

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The problem with public parks, like Woodruff park, is their openness. Parks are naturally open by nature for their nature, which make them an easy target for the unfortunate. Woodruff park’s built environment is to be open, inviting people to come and stay with...

Kirkwood artifact 5

When you go to the Kirkwood Historic Neighborhood’s website, you’ll see this at the bottom of that page’s screen. These talks about special events happening in the area, the neighborhood’s newspaper, the awards that the neighborhood has won,...