Digital Environment Description: Atlanta’s Official Website

click this image On April 17th, I began observing Atlanta’s official website. I began studying the site at 10 pm and ended my observation at 11 pm. When observing this site the first thing that caught my eye was the background of the homepage. The homepage...

Digital Environment: Artifact #5

This photo shows how there aren’t descriptions for the tabs and how the pages aren’t just about the tabs seen on the home page. These pages lead to other links.

Digital Environment: Artifact #4

This photo includes a screenshot of the tab “Visitors” that offers different things to do and different ways to get around. The purpose of the screenshot is to show how the images may not be so attractive to the someone who may just be visiting. The...

Digital Environment: Artifact #3

This is a screen shot of the page consisting of “Government” related links. This photo also includes information on the mayor in Atlanta. The different sections under the “Government” tab, include sub sections. An example is shown in the photo...

Digital Environment: Artifact #2

Here’s another screenshot of the homepage. Here is a clear list of upcoming events/ meetings and press releases. The color and font of the text seems very easy to read.