A Conclusion Restates thesis in a more in depth way Synthesizes evidence/claims Can present a call to action Can request further studying    

Title Ideas

Evidence of Atlanta’s Experience Economy The Establishment of Fun in Atlanta The Appeal of Atlanta  

Rough Draft One

The Experience Economy Here is a common question: “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” When asked this question, what exactly shapes the answers that people respond with? Well, the chosen destination has to be appealing in some way to them....

Built Environment Analysis Outline

The building of the experience economy through recreational/tourist attractions in Atlanta has caused economic growth, an increase in diversity, and an increase in tourism. I. Intro a. What is an experience economy? b. Disneyfication c. What caused the experience...

Underwater Experience at the Georgia Aquarium

                    The Georgia Aquarium is all about experience. The space heavily relies on visual to capture its audience, but also integrates other forms of interaction. In order to invite visitors, the space is...